The Three Bucky Rats Tuff


By Lizzy (and the Alphabet Ratties: Darth Darby, Faryn,

Herbie, Iggy, Jasey, Kylian, Muffy The Vampire Rat Slayer

and Darth Nikki) 

Author’s Note: We wish to point out that all of the characters in this
fairy tale, are completely fictional and any resemblance to rats, whether
living or dead, even if they have the exact same names, is purely
coincidental. And now, on to our story...

Once upon a time there were three handsome bucks by the name of
Tuff (sometimes pronounced "Tuffy", depending on which side of the
Rushing River you are from). There was Nikki Tuff, a striking silverblue
self rat, Herbie Tuff, a black berkshire rat, and Muffy Tuff, a fawn
dumbo rat. The three bucky rats Tuff figured they were pretty rough
tough stuff. They were always wrestling and play fighting and trying to
hold each other down for a good tummy grooming. The only thing they
liked better than play fighting was eating, although sleeping and thinking
about girl rats also placed high on the list of the Tuff family values. All
three boys could really pack away the food, especially young Nikki Tuff,
who was the biggest and the fattest of them all!

One day Nikki Tuff took a good look around and exclaimed indignantly,
“Well this sucks! There is hardly any food left on this side of the Rushing
River. Somebody has eaten it all!”

“That somebody was you Nikki!” mumbled Herbie Tuff sleepily, not even
bothering to open his eyes. Herbie was the oldest and the laziest of the
three bucky rats Tuff.

Nikki strained his eyes off into the distance, but even though he was a
dark eyed rat, he couldn't quite see to the other side of the Rushing
River. "I guess I'll have to cross the bridge to find out if there is any
food on the other side," he thought. After scribbling a quick note for his
sleeping brother, he set off on his quest.

When Nikki got about half way across the bridge he suddenly heard a
loud rumbling from beneath the bridge and the whole bridge began to
shake. "Goodness!" he thought, "I didn't realize the subway ran
beneath this bridge!" and he continued on his merry way. Suddenly he
felt himself being scooped up by a huge clawlike hand and found himself
staring at the biggest ugliest troll he had ever seen! (He really hadn't
seen all that many trolls though.)

"What have we here?" said the troll, rather rhetorically. "Why it looks
like a big fat juicy grey rat!"

Nikki was instantly offended. "I am NOT grey!" he squeaked
indignantly, "I am a big fat juicy silverblue rat and I have the pedigree to
prove it!"

"Whatever," said the troll, "All rats taste the same to me and I'm going
to eat you up!"

"Wait!" cried Nikki, thinking fast, "I'm actually the youngest in my
family and my big brother, who would make a much more tasty treat,
should be coming along behind me at any minute. Why not eat him

"Why don't I just eat both of you?" laughed the evil troll, as he opened
wide and was about to crush poor Nikki with his ferocious looking teeth.

"Stop!" yelled Nikki with such authority that the troll actually paused in
mid bite, "Didn't your mother ever tell you that too many between meal
snacks can spoil your appetite?"

"Why yes, she did actually," said the troll, looking somewhat abashed.

"All right then," said Nikki, "if you were to let me go, just imagine how
much better my big brother would taste," and since the troll really
wasn't all that bright, he put Nikki down and allowed him to continue
along his way.

"I must warn Herbie and Muffy about this," thought Nikki, as he
quickly scampered across the bridge, but as soon as Nikki reached the
other side, he was so distracted by the plentiful fields of wheat, barley,
peas and corn, that he promptly forgot! (Unfortunately, rats have very
short attention spans and Nikki's was exceptionally short.)

Some time later Herbie awoke from his nap and read Nikki's note. "Oh
no!" he thought, "He may need rescuing! Mother always warned us
never to cross that bridge. Now if I could only remember why..." He
thought and he thought and he thought. Suddenly, deep inside his tiny
little rat brain, a light bulb clicked on, and he remembered there was
something dangerous to watch out for in the middle of the bridge, but
what? A hole perhaps? No that wasn't it, but it was something that
rhymed with hole! A pole? A bowl? Some coal? A fur stole? A dinner
roll? A hockey goal? A newborn foal? No, none of those things seemed
quite right. "Where is Muffy when we need him?" wondered Herbie.
"Some Alpha rat he is! He's supposed to be here looking out for us but
he's always wandering off in search of girl rats! I guess I will just have to
cross the bridge and deal with the danger myself."

Herbie quickly added a postscript to Nikki's note, and started out across
the bridge. No sooner had he reached the middle when he heard a loud
rumbling from beneath the bridge and the whole bridge began to shake.

"Goodness!" he thought, "What a place to be in an earthquake!"
Herbie broke into a run, but didn't get very far before he too was
snatched up by a giant hand and found himself looking into the jaws of a
mean and hungry troll.

"A Troll! That was it!" exclaimed Herbie, "You're the one my mother
warned me about!" The troll beamed proudly and prepared to eat him.
Just then Herbie's cell phone rang.

"Hang on,” said Herbie to the troll, “I really need to take this call,". The
troll nodded and waited politely while Herbie answered the phone. It
was Nikki calling to warn him about the troll! Herbie proceeded to give
him a stern lecture on his "terrible timing", while at the same time,
listening carefully to Nikki's advice on how to trick the evil troll into
letting him go.

"That was my younger brother Nikki," Herbie explained to the troll, as
he put away his phone, "He mentioned running into you earlier today."

"Is he a big fat juicy grey rat?" asked the troll.

Herbie nodded. "He's actually a big fat juicy silverblue rat, but yeah,
close enough."

The troll looked Herbie up and down and seemed somewhat
disappointed. "You don't look nearly as fat and juicy as your brother,"
he said sadly. "You're certainly big enough, but somewhat more lean
and muscular," he continued.

"Yes," said Herbie, feigning a sad voice of his own, "I'm afraid I am the
least appetizing rat in the whole Tuff family. I'm almost 2 years old, so
I’m probably quite a tough Tuff. I'm sure you wouldn't want to spoil
your appetite by eating little old me, especially when our other brother,
who is the Alpha of our entire family, should be coming along any minute
now. He’s the big brother Nikki was referring to, not me and I'm sure
he would make you a much tastier meal than I would." And so,
dreaming of the huge fat rat that was yet to come, the foolish troll let
Herbie go.

When Herbie reached the other side of the bridge, Nikki was still
frantically trying to call Muffy but he kept getting his voice mail. Little
did they know that Muffy had lost his phone (again!) This time he’d
dropped it somewhere along the trail, while chasing after a girl rat,
who like all the rest had managed to elude his grasp.

Poor Muffy was not having a good day, and he was not in the best of
moods... and that was before returning home to read the note his
brothers had left him. Never being one to stop and think things through,
Muffy charged headlong over the bridge. No sooner had he reached the
middle when he heard a loud rumbling from beneath the bridge and the
whole bridge began to shake.

"#$%&#@!," thought Muffy, "That sounds like an evil troll and he's
probably eaten both of my brothers!" The next thing he knew, he was
being swept up in a giant hand. If the troll had been somewhat
disappointed by the sight of Herbie, he was devastated at the sight of
Muffy. In fact, it looked like he might cry!.

“Oh please don’t tell me YOU are the big Alpha rat,” begged the troll,
“Why you’re small and scrawny, and dopey looking, and, and… you’re
orange! Who ever heard of an orange rat?"

“So he has eaten my brothers!” thought Muffy. Filled with rage, he
puffed up his fur until it was standing on end. In an effort to look even
more menacing, he arched his back and began dancing from side to side
in the palm of the evil troll’s hand. He looked so ridiculous that the troll
burst out laughing.

“You don’t even look like a proper rat,” he giggled. “What happened to
your ears? They’re supposed to be on top of your head but instead,
they stick out from the sides. My grandmother’s fuzzy orange slippers
look scarier than you do,” laughed the troll.

This was too much for the usually peace loving Muffy to bear. Without
even thinking, he reacted by spreading his two front teeth as wide as
they could go and sinking them deeply into the evil troll’s evil thumb.
The evil troll yelped with pain and immediately dropped Muffy, who
exclaimed triumphantly, “That will teach you to mess with the great
Muffy Tuffy!”

But as the troll looked down at the little orange puffball, still dancing
from side to side, he only laughed harder. “Muffy,” gasped the troll,
clutching his sides with mirth, “Did you just say your name is Muffy?
What kind of sissy name is that for an Alpha rat?”

That was the last straw as far as Muffy was concerned. He spread his
teeth again, and this time he sank them into the evil troll’s evil big toe!
The evil troll yelped again, but he was still laughing, as clutching his
injured toe, he began hopping around on one foot. Perhaps he didn’t
realize how close he was to the edge of the bridge because it only took
one good nudge from Muffy’s wiry hindquarters to send him spiralling
over the side and into the Rushing River.

Muffy watched, swaying his head from side to side, until the evil troll
spun out of sight. It didn’t take take very long because Muffy was quite
near sighted… but don't worry children, luckily the evil troll was wearing 
a life jacket! He soon came to another bridge across the Rushing River, 
and under that bridge lived an ugly evil lady troll. The two trolls fell madly
in love, got married, and together they terrorized the pedestrians crossing
that bridge for the rest of their days. But they were so grateful to Muffy
for bringing the two of them together, that they never again terrorized, ate,
or even threatened to eat another rat.

Muffy of course, continued on his way across the bridge, where he was
overjoyed to meet up with Herbie and Nikki and to join in their feast. He
soon met a beautiful girl rat named Iggy and they all lived happily ever
after. The moral of the story is:

Never be an evil troll ….and…

Always wear a life jacket when playing near water …and…

Never mess with Muffy Tuffy when he gets puffy!

The 3 Bucky Rats as they may have appeared, had they ever really existed.

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