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Sith Rattery News!

(Last Updated November 4th 2018)

It's Finally Retirement Time!

Hello, my name is Darth Darby, eternal evil Sith Webmaster, and I am sorry to say that we are pretty much retired for good now from hobby rat breeding, however I may be helping a friend with a joint breeding soon. I am frequently asked to recommend other breeders. There is a list of breeders I have worked with under the links section of my website. The one I work most closely with is Panzy's Place Rattery in Everett WA. Transportation to BC from the US ratteries I used to work with can often be arranged.  Meanwhile I strongly suggest checking out the Small Animal Rescue Society of BC.  They very frequently have well socialized rats, including babies for adoption. These rats will be well handled, health checked, treated for parasites, and will be far superior to rats from a pet store, or random craigslist backyard breeder.  Keep checking back to their Petfinder pages, or contact them at sarsrats@gmail.com.  

It's Show Time!

The next RatsPacNW Club Show will be Ratstock in Portland Oregon on Saturday April 18 2019.   Car pooling and accommodation sharing can usually be arranged, but if you would like to tag along, plans will need to be made well in advance of the show.  For details, stayed tuned to our RatsPacNW discussion group, or websiteIf anyone is interested in helping to organize a BC Rat Show, we have plenty of experienced volunteers, but we  are still looking for a volunteer coordinator.  If you can help, please email me.


For anyone in the Greater Vancouver BC area using any Oxbow Essentials rat foods and litters, or even Oxbow products for other animals, the Small Animal Rescue Society is now selling them for less than you would pay at any store.  It's a great way to save money while supporting the rescue.  Shipping is not available at this time, but there are various locations for pick up in the Greater Vancouver area, and sometimes local delivery can even be arranged.  Details can be seen here.  For more information on any of the above, contact us via email.

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SITH Rattery, Specializing In Temperament and Health, is
  located in beautiful downtown New Westminster, near Vancouver BC Canada

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Pedigreed baby pet rats for adoption from a breeder in New Westminster British Columbia Canada.  We specialize in dumbo rats in many different colors and varieties. Delivery can be arranged anywhere in the BC Lower Mainland - Vancouver, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Langley, Abbotsford, Richmond, and Burnaby etc.  Very often transportation to Seattle, and beyond is also possible.    Adopt or buy baby dumbos for sale from hobby breeders.  All the babies have a registered pedigree.Lizzy O Sullivan