Simon of SITH Rattery

July 8 1997 - April 24 2012

Simon was a 6 pound black eyed white dumbo rex ratty.

(okay, so he was really a miniature poodle, but we didn't tell him that!)

Simon was 6 years old when I adopted him from Homefinders Animal Rescue Society.



Simon with his best friend Cherokee (who, sadly, has
 also passed away.) Here he was sporting his "summer" look.



And this was Yukon Simon's more scruffy "winter" look


And more recently,

with my mother's dog Barkley


and speaking of winter...

Simon was a huge fan of Santa! (And of Hilary
from Homefinders, who was under that costume!)



Simon's worst enemy was a cat (any cat). 
He tried to pretend he didn't see cats... unless they ran away...


  "Oh, no, is she looking my way, what do I do now?"
(Sadly Ming Kitty, shown above, has also passed away at age 22.)


Since then, poor Simon was tormented with a steady stream of foster kitties,
from Homfinders, most of whom loved snuggling up with a warm little dog.





"Oh why me?"





"Where do they keep coming from?"


"Well, maybe this guy is not so bad."


Simon looked great in blue


And Simon looked great in green


And he looked even better in blue-green

(It was a Halloween costume done with food coloring. He was supposed  
to be a Smurf and this photo was from before I adopted him. Honestly!)



When Simon had pancreatitis he didn't look good at all!
He got very thin and it scared us, but thankfully, he recovered.


Everybody loved Simon... even tough guys (and my brother Sean too!)


Although he looked like a bit of a poof, Simon was actually a rugged outdoorsman


And he was very brave with wild animals, even giant spiders.
(Oops! Rain drops on the camera lens.)

but he could also be a bit of a beach bunny

not to mention a sailor wannabe



and of course an accomplished swimmer


But most important of all, Simon was my little buddy.


  We went everywhere together even to work.
  This was Simon and I at the office.


RIP little man. You will be missed!

Photo taken April 22nd 2012, 2 days before he died, by Jackie Basque, Dancing Dandelions Photography

My Eulogy For Simon

If you are looking for an awesome pet like Simon, check out Homefinders Animal Rescue Society

Please don't support backyard breeders or pet stores that sell animals!


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