Photos with Santa 2010, an annual fundraiser for

Homefinders Animal Rescue

This year I took JOY Bamboo Shoot, Russian Blue, Dmnt Darth Zorro, Russian Blue masked, and SITH/JOY Demitri, Russian Silver
(who was hiding throughout most of the pix)



There is always someone who refuses to
cooperate and this year it was Demitri.
This was as close as they got to all facing the same
 direction - away from the camera of course...


This is where Shoot and Zorro gave Santa their wish lists.


Then we got into the individual
photos complete with rat abuse.


Which was tolerated well by Shoot and Zorro.
How cute is this little man?


But of course Demitri pulled a squinty face!


Honorary Evil SITH Rat, Simon, originally came
from Homfinders.  He is a huge fan of Santa!
But our foster cat Patch, a 6 year old lilac point
Siamese, who is available for adoption, seemed a
little less convinced.

Everyone was amazingly well behaved though, unlike the great Darth Silky on our first visit with Santa.


SITH Rattery Home