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   by Lizzy (and the Alphabet Ratties: Darth Darby, Faryn,
   Herbie, Iggy, Jasey, Kylian, Muffy-The-Vampire-Rat-Slayer

   and Darth Nikki) 


   Author’s Note: The following is a premise for a new TV

   series.  We wish to point out that all of the characters
   in this proposed new thriller, are completely fictional and

   any resemblance to rats, whether living or dead, even if

   they have the exact same names, is purely coincidental!


It had been foretold... Into each generation, a Vampire Rat Slayer is born, one ratty in all

the world, a chosen one, one born with the strength and skill to fight the vampire rats,

demons, monsters and just about every other kind of nasty that can come to mind... but

Muffy, a cute little fawn dumbo, is a reluctant super hero, whose greatest desire in life is

just to be a normal young buck. All he really wants to do is hang out with the boys, do a

bit of playful wrestling, take long naps, eat yogurt drops, and meet a nice young doe.

(Dream on Muffy!) Unfortunately, he is not allowed this option, since only he can save the

world from all of the above mentioned evils. Although he's a bit on the small side, in his

own mind at least, Muffy is a fierce alpha rat. The other rats in his immediate circle, tend

to humor him on this one.


His biggest flaw as a Vampire Rat Slayer, is that, with the exception of his immediate

cagemates, er, I mean cohorts, he tends to mistake all other male rats for vampire rats! His

tendency to puff up double, attack first and ask questions later, has earned him the

nickname "Puffy Muffy".

In the pilot episode we are introduced to Muffy's loveable but bungling sidekicks, Faryn,

Jasey, Iggy, and Kylian, as well as his faithful "Watcher", a silver-black Berkshire named

Herbie. Watchers are so named because they train, and watch over their assigned Vampire

Rat Slayers, but in Herbie's case, it's because he'd rather just sit back and watch.


As our story begins, Muffy and co. are hanging out at the cemetery, as they do most nights,

waiting for evil undead Vampire Rats to awaken and crawl out of their graves. The group

has come armed with bottles of holy water, wooden crosses, and wooden stakes… but it's a

slow night and the 6 little ratties soon become bored. To pass the time, they sit around

grooming each other, foraging for food, and telling spooky rat ghost stories. Suddenly they

look up to find that they are surrounded by an army of huge vicious Vampire Rats!
Pandemonium ensues when they realize that to ease his
boredom, Muffy has chewed up all the

wooden crosses and stakes and drank the holy water... oh, oh!

Meanwhile, o
ff in the distance, Muffy spies the infamous Sith Ratties, Lord Darby and his

Dark Apprentice Darth Nikki...  Oops, wrong story!  In fact, that's part of my next screen

play Revenge of the SITH Ratties!


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