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The following is a list of other hobby ratteries in the Pacific Northwest that we have had personal experience with.  These are breeders known to be ethical rat lovers working with pedigreed lines.


Rodents of Unusual Sweetness (Lynn - Seattle, Washington)

Panzy's Place Rattery (Ann - Everett, Washington)

The Breakfast Bunch Rattery (Brandon - Renton, Washington)

Little Diva's Rattery (Alisha - Salem Oregon)

Timeless Tails Rattery (Tiffany - Salt Lake City, Utah)

Amour Petite Rattery (Briana - Seattle Washington)

Little Whiskers Rattery (Renee - Lacey, Washington)

Kyle's Rats (Kyle - Pullman, Washington)

Our Crazy Rat Adventure (Tamara - Vancouver Washington)


If you find a rattery anywhere in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon or Idaho and don't see them listed above (or below), there may be a very good reason for that.  For more information please email me.  For additional information on how to find a reputable rattery and the red flags to look for, plus information on why not to buy from a pet store or backyard breeder, scroll down toward the bottom of our Adoption page.



The following Ratteries may not be actively breeding, or may be taking
 a temporary break, but still have some great info on their websites

Dream Mtn Rattery (Morgan - Lebanon, Oregon)

JATS Rats (Jan - Seattle, Washington)

LASC Rattery (Carrie - Langley, British Columbia)

Scarlet Wine Rattery (Danielle, Winfield, British Columbia)

Mischief of Remis Rattery (Krislyn - Boise, Idaho)

Rattie Rascals Rattery (LeAnn - Port Orchard, Washington)

Oddfellows Rattery (Debbi - Tacoma, Washington)

Forever Loved Rats Rattery (Candace - Grandview, Washington)





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