Ratstravaganza 2012, our 9th annual BC Pet Rat Show

Thank you to everyone who made Ratstravaganza 2012 our most successful show ever!  Our next BC pet rat show will be in 2014, provided a new volunteer organizer has been found by then.  Show results will be posted on the RatsPacNW club website.  To give you ideas for future show possibilities, full details on the 2012 show will remain below.  Information on other BC Lower Mainland rat related parties and events can be seen here.


Date: Saturday February 11th 2012

Location: Sapperton Pensioners Hall

                318 Keary St. New Westminster, BC (across from Royal Columbian Hospital)

                Close to Sapperton Skytrain Station and other public transportation

                Limited parking in the rear  Map and Directions

Time: Doors open open to the public at 11 am and the show runs from noon to 5 pm

          The pet classes, which are the most fun to watch, will start at around 1 pm. 

Admission: $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for children, under 3 admitted free.

Registration: The deadline to register rats has now passed.  It was midnight Saturday January 21st.  No unregistered rats will be admitted to the show hall. 

Table Rentals:  Anyone with items for sale may purchase table space at $10 per half table for RatsPacNW club member or $12.50 for non members. Free table space will be provided to non profit and animal rescue organizations, whether or not they have items for sale.

Show Organizer: Lizzy O Sullivan from SITH Rattery - Contact email address

Additional Details: Ratstravaganza is a domestic rat show, and educational event sponsored by RatsPacNW, a pet rat club that encompasses British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. RatsPacNW is a non profit social club, which seeks to promote rats as pets, through shows and educational events such as this one.

This show is open to the general public, for rat lovers and curious novices alike. Rat breeders, rescuers, and fanciers with years of experience will be on hand with displays and presentations on a variety of rat related topics such as general rat care, rat illnesses and first aid, inexpensive and creative toys and games for rats, rat genetics and breed standards, and much more.

There will be various types of rat merchandise available for purchase, including many styles of rat hammocks, and the newest edition of Debbie Ducommun's Rat Health Care booklet.  For those wishing to adopt a highly socialized, adorable pet, there will be local breeders, possibly with available babies.  Little Mischief Rescue and Best Friend Rodent Rescue, will also be on hand with some rescue rats in desperate need of a second chance at a happy home. 

There will be a special crafts table for the kids, and "Whiskers," the giant rat, will be on hand to greet them. In addition to a standards show, the pet classes will include categories such as "most talented," "most unusual", "longest tail" and "best costume", as well as the ever popular "rat races!"  There is always, a special category for the rescue rat with the most amazing story. There will also be a raffle with some fantastic prizes and plenty of fun "surprises".

Snacks and treats will be available at the venue, along with coffee, tea and soft drinks.  For those planning to stay for the whole day, there are plenty of restaurants and fast food places nearby. 


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A full list of those putting on table displays and donating items will be coming soon.