Muffy lost his faithful minions!

One after the other, within a very short space of time, Muffy lost his lifelong cagemates, Darby, Herbie and Nikki.  Having no one to beat up and boss around, he became totally despondent.  I immediately adopted a pair of 6 week  old babies to keep him company.  Tig and Pig were from the "Zodiac Litter" at  Home Finders Animal Rescue, so all the babies were named after animals in the Chinese Zodiac.  (Luckily those names fit perfectly into my Alphabet series.)  Muffy perked up immediately.  He was clearly beyond delighted to have minions again.


For the next 6 months Muffy was blissfully happy until disaster struck!


By the time they were 4 months old the two little guys had grown to be bigger and heavier than Muffy, and they were still growing!  Muffy, however, who was at this point recovering from a nasty bout of myco, was still refusing to give up his alpha status.  It seemed humorous at the time to see the two big strapping boys still taking orders from a small frail elderly ratty with bad lungs.  It stopped being funny when a couple of months later, I woke up to the sound of horrible prolonged rat screaming.  Tig and Pig, both now twice Muffy's size, had finally had enough and they had finally gained the self confidence to stand up to him.  Neither Muffy, nor I, had been prepared for the savageness of the attack however.

I arrived to find that Tig had Muffy pinned down on his back and was slashing at him mercilessly with his teeth.  I guess he'd become so fed up with Muffy's "I'm going to be the alpha or die attitude" that he totally lost it and was thinking "Okay, die then!"  Muffy was wailing pathetically and being totally submissive but I actually think Tig would have killed him if I hadn't pulled him off!  For all his bullying, I had never seen Muffy leave a mark on anyone, but he was now covered from head to feet with bleeding wounds and had to be rushed to the vet.  (Tig and Pig got to go to the vet themselves a few days later, to be neutered!  Wish I had thought to get Muffy neutered when he was younger.)


Needless to say being attacked by his minions was a great blow to the Muffster's ego.  He was once again quite despondent... so I decided to move him in with some nice spayed girls.

RSCL Roisin

Siobhan of SITH


Miss Vanine of SITH

At least I thought they were nice!

The thing is, I know they were nice, and once again Muffy was very happy, for a while, yet another 6 months later, when poor old Muffy was pushing 3, the 4 girls beat him up almost as badly as the 2 boys had!  I can only conclude that as with Tig and Pig, Muffy must have become so obnoxious that he drove them to it!  Muffy truly was a fascinating little personality and the main inspiration for the following two stories...



The Three Bucky Rats Tuff

Muffy was a very loved little ratty and he is very much missed.

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