Don't let this sweet face fool you. Muffy was nothing but trouble!


It all started one December day when I innocently attended an open house at Home Finders Animal Rescue.  I had offered to take pictures of a new rescue litter they were trying to find homes for.  Not long into the photo shoot, they started putting on the pressure as to which of the babies I planned to adopt.  In the face of so much cuteness I honestly couldn't decide, so I asked them which was their favorite.  Roberta, who knows a sucker when she sees one, led me to a cage in the back with 3 older "babies" about 3 or 4 months old.  Two of them were being adopted the following day and "Muffy," then known as "Wilbur" would be left all alone.  Muffy, the runt of the litter, was noticeably smaller than his brothers and when I picked him up he trembled with fear.  Well, I thought to myself, at least someone this small and fearful should be easy to introduce to my other boys. (WRONG!) But needless to say I ended up bringing him home with me.

What's in a name?

The first thing he needed was a name change... not that I didn't like the name "Wilbur"... I actually do but I was right in the middle of my first "alphabet series" at the time and needed a name that started with the letter "M".  Since he was mostly "buff" colored  (he did have one strange looking orange stripe down his back because his adult coat was still molting in and I didn't even realize he was fawn) and since he was so small, the name "Muffy" seemed to suit him.  Of course I had no idea at the time that he was a Vampire Rat Slayer but it didn't take long to figure that out!

From day one, Muffy was nothing but trouble!

He fought continuously with his cagemates, Darby, Herbie and Nikki.  I never saw any injuries but Muffy always seemed to be picking on somebody.  That rat got squirted with more blasts from my plant mister and spent more "time outs" in solitary confinement (just short ones of course) than any other rat I've had, yet he never did learn to get along harmoniously with other rats.

I finally had to face the fact that Muffy was a            Vampire Rat Slayer, who thought all other rats were vampire rats.  Eventually, his long suffering cagemates got tired of arguing with the little twerp and decided to let him be the alpha.

Muffy molted into a beautiful fawn but
always had that darker orange stripe.

It probably helped that Herbie was now
over 2 and Nikki had chronic myco

Shown here with cagemates RMR Iggy (standing in for the dearly departed RMR Darth Darby) RMR Herbie and CWR Darth Nikki, Muffy was for a time blissfully happy.

Then Something Terrible Happened!